Contact information

Company : Torrieri in Trade

Telephone number: ( 41) 43 437 29 32


Address: Torrieri In Trade, Wingertstrasse 46C, 8405 Winterthur - Switzerland

Our Mission

Baby Dreams Land was born in Switzerland, collaborating with other brands and producers to supply eco-sustainable, organic, and anti-allergenic products. We have carefully studied every detail and ensure you will never find plastic in our packaging. We always use recycled packaging and ecological inks.

The products are all handmade, with great care and with the highest quality materials.

Our goal is to reduce waste and help the environment.

Aleksei Torrieri
Founder Baby Dreams Land

Our history

Let’s make
good things happen!

Doing the right thing, acting with common sense, has always
driven us at Baby Dreams Land. Over time we are learning to better master the topics of eco-responsibility, by informing ourselves, working hand in hand with our historical suppliers and making choices that commit us. We are on the way

All our collections are produced locally in the European Union in small batches to ensure quality, details, sustainable and ethical practices while keeping a reduced carbon footprint.

We use eco-friendly materials to ship out your order which will arrive in a beautiful, reusable envelope made of FSC certified recycled paper. It will also include a thank you card made of grass waste.